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Our experienced and caring staff provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. We offer a variety of activities and programs to keep kids engaged and parents at peace of mind.

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About Us

Many people think that daycare is just a daycare or play center. But we’re more than educators. We help identify your child’s skills and abilities. Each time they leave our center, they emerge stronger and ready to study better. We encourage learning through play and believe in productively stimulating their senses. Through our series of programs, they’re made ready for school efficiently, and many of our clients report their kids achieving consistent success.

Noa’s Arc Day Care is a daycare and childcare center in Bronx, New York. We offer a wide range of services, including daycare, childcare, preschool, and early childhood education; while also providing a culturally diverse learning environment by offering programs in Spanish.

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Our Services

Learning Group

We make small groups for creative experiments where children of the same age can understand the unique ideas and activities of each other. It helps them develop social skills and overcome shyness.

Yoga Fitness

Yoga helps improve babies’ concentration, flexibility, and calmness. This is the right age to start yoga so you can develop healthy habits from an early age.

Baby’s Kitchen

Here we encourage kids to cook and pick up other vital skills. When they try to cook, they automatically develop reading skills, learn to follow instructions, and learn to measure.

Showbiz Baby

Here, we focus on your baby’s performance skills and extracurricular activities. We want all our kids to be rockstars, actors, dancers, and more, don’t we? Why not give them the extra edge by giving them a head start?

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Services Menu

Daily: $320 per week
Half Day: $300 per week

Service Price Duration Category
Preschool Curriculum 200.00 0:15 Traditional Day care
Kindergarten 180.00 0:15 Traditional Day care
Extra Activity Classes 150.00 0:15 Traditional Day care
In-Home Day care 120.00 0:15 Traditional Day care
Individual Nanny 140.00 0:15 Nanny
Shared Nanny 165.00 0:15 Nanny
Au pair 125.00 0:15 Nanny
Babysitter 110.00 0:15 Nanny
Drawing 100.00 0:15 Activities
Music 80.00 0:15 Activities

Please call us at (718) 503-8149 for more information about our pricing​

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